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Once upon a time…

In a place not far away from here, some people gathered to talk. They talked about their city and their place in the world; they talked about creativity and culture, their dreams and hopes for the future and the things that were closest to their heart. This helped build the new cultural strategy for Belfast 2020 - 2030, A City Imagining, that sets out the proposed priorities for how we support our cultural lives over the next ten years. We want you to have your say on it…

Read more of the Belfast City Council Cultural Strategy here…

The City Imagining Shop on Royal Avenue in Belfast

The City Imagining Shop on Royal Avenue in Belfast

Urban Scale Interventions will be hosting a number of workshops, exhibitions, gigs, drop-in sessions and interactive events with people from all over the city to understand what it means to live in Belfast today and what we want to see in our city in the future. Working closely with residents and businesses, community groups and local artists, the project will facilitate a number of sessions that will grow and develop the exhibition over the 6-week duration. More importantly the shop is open to all from 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Saturday so anyone can come in to understand more about the strategy and have their say in its implementation and priorities which will captured inside.

Drop in or email studio@urbanscaleinterventions to be involved in one of our workshops below:

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10 June 2019 Ashton Community Trust


The workshop constituted of a group of 10 youth and two coordinators. Each individual was asked to think of a creature that first comes to mind, where it came from, where it would live and how it would interact with the people of Belfast. The group then illustrated their ideas on the wall and attached notes beside each painting. Moreover, some participants left objects in the knick-knack narrative corner. Each object has a sentimental meaning of home and inclusion within the community of Belfast. All narratives will be illustrated on the wall within the next five weeks. Finally, the youth had the opportunity to take part of the data string wall and also leave their mark on the Belfast fingerprint. The data collection from the workshop will support and aid a current development of a lighting strategy for the Belfast city centre.

Quotes of the day

My daughter’s memory box. Filled with memories from the first 21 months of her life.
Illustrating on the wall

Illustrating on the wall

A Toucan which brings the people of Belfast together while encouraging confidence, artistry, and self-expression.
Nick-knack narratives

Nick-knack narratives

11 June 2019 Playful Cities Workshop with Belfast City Council  

With 35% of the population of Belfast is under 25, this makes it one of the youngest cities in Europe. The discussion during the workshop evolved around Belfast becoming a Playful City where the People of Belfast are given an invitation to play and claim back their city. A successful playful city is one that is designed in which programming of public spaces happens naturally by the citizens.

Creating a city that belongs to everyone.
A playful city is one that is colorful, vibrant and laughter.

12 June 2019 Accessibility workshop

This was a workshop around accessibility in the city and how we can be more forthcoming about disability access constraints as opposing to saying that a place or venue is not accessible at all. The workshop also concluded that a mind-shift is needed for peoples perceptions of disability and always assuming to know what is best instead of asking each individual.   

Out of this workshop, a number of other workshops are now forming around this topic of access and Creating Cultural Activities in the city that everyone has the ability to access - please stay tuned for these upcoming workshops.  

All we need is people to ask questions.
It hasn’t been the disability, it has been the world that has mead them disabled.
During the accessibility discussions

During the accessibility discussions

Kabosh THEATRE Company workshop

A key aspect of the evolving of Belfast Cultural Strategy is what Our City can consider in regards to lighting design principals. The workshop discussions were focused on the positive aspects and feelings that natural light brings. The participants were thinking of principals that evoke the same thoughts and ways in which these feelings can transfer to artificial lighting. The group thought that lighting in Belfast moving forward should suggest a playful nature creating colour coordinated zones with a range of lighting that bring vibrancy to Belfast.         

The workshops concluded: Why shouldn’t light be used at least once annually for a lighting show in the heart of Belfast? 

Using lighting to highlight the historical Belfast buildings. Making People look up and see the beauty in all its glory.
Belfast should create an annual festival like The Burning Man but with lights instead.

14 June 2019

We have been welcoming many incredible people with different stories, backgrounds and professions. Today we met illustrators, architects, photographers and more. Our aim is to get as many stories and opinions as possible and consequently grow our database and fill in the wall of illustrations. So don’t be shy and give us a visit!

After drawing on the wall I suddenly felt so much better. It felt like getting all the stress off my chest.

15 June 2019


Whilst having a go at the data string wall , two participants (age 13-17) stated the following:

Culture to me in Belfast is...I don’t know what any of these mean!
Data string wall

Data string wall

Adding lighting strategy ideas

Adding lighting strategy ideas

Participating on the thought wall

Participating on the thought wall

“ A city that preserves its history instead of erasing it”.

“ Legacy is a burden”.

“ I feel safer cycling in London than I do in Belfast”.

“ Free street entertainment”.

“ Cultural spaces in the centre such as galleries and exhibition spaces”.

“ Street entertainment”.

“More pet friendly areas”.


17 June 2019

open workshop on information knowledge and technology