WE use a simple philosophy and Method. this allows us to deliver design led innovation that can be measured

Urbanisation, new technologies, polarised politics, erratic economics and environmental degradation have completely changed the way we live, work and play. Despite being more connected than ever, we face a loneliness epidemic. Despite having advanced healthcare systems, we face a growing mental health challenge. Despite generating more wealth than ever before, we have some of the most unequal societies history has seen.

We shop more than ever before, yet our high streets are being closed down. New technology promised new forms of work, yet we work more hours, for less pay, benefits and security than previous generations. Indeed, visions of utopian green, spacious and efficient living environments have been displaced by dystopian futures with a lack of affordable suitable housing, a generation of renters and a patchwork of inefficient and impractical buildings.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. We believe it can be different…

we believe the best innovation happens at the intersection between PEOPLE, PLACE and purpose


to do this, we use the established double-diamond inclusive design methodology

inclusive design is a way of designing products, services and environments that meet the needs of the greatest number of people as possible


We support public and private organisations in people centred design innovation. Through research, strategic policy fit, community and stakeholder engagement, concept design, design development and delivery we create forward thinking interventions and visual strategies that make a difference. We support our clients with finding design led solutions to health and social challenges, deliver cultural strategies in public realm, become the street interface for public bodies and institutions as well as taking placemaking to a new level through meanwhile use and culturally led development which puts people at its centre.

We work on projects that engage people and communities to deliver creative innovations to improve life in places. In all of our projects we:

  • Put the needs of people and communities first

  • Deliver projects with positive health and social impact that can be measured

  • Take a holistic approach, engaging key stakeholders along the way