As a creative studio, we are constantly seeking to understand new areas, develop our knowledge and disseminate our thinking.

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Chapter: Designing for Health & Wellbeing: home, city, society

Chapter 10: An inclusive design approach to improving community wellbeing: a case study of architectural interventions in Derry/Londonderry

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Designing Out Stereotypes in Artificial Intelligence: Involving users in the personality design of a digital assistant

How design methods such as people centred and inclusive design can be used as a tool to build a non-discriminatory chatbot

Journal of Urban Design and mental health: Urban play edition

Case Study: Using Art and Design to Create Shared Safe Space in Urban Areas: A case study of the banks and bridges of the River Foyle in Derry/Londonderry Northern Ireland

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Journal Disena: Design for Dynamic Challenges

Key Attributes of Designers for Leading Interdisciplinary Research and Projects

COnference: Design4health, Melbourne, Australia

Foyle Bubbles/Reeds: How can design reduce suicide attempts using everyday social and civic spaces? .

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We also have an active research and design studio on the architecture masters course at Queens University, Belfast