We have a simple philosophy and established methodology that allows us to deliver a variety of outputs across a range of different projects.

How do you get people to explore a new part of the city safely during a lockdown?

The Disappearing Wall

What do you do when a motorway cuts a city in half?

Relink Belfast

How do you reframe a 19th century mill into a carbon neutral heritage & innovation district?


What happens when you reframe city regeneration around better mental health?

Our Future Foyle

How do you develop a sense of shared ownership around neighbourhood renewal?

Healthy Places

What happens when you actively involve citizens in the cultural development of their city?

A City Imagining

How could you redevelop city heritage infrastructure for cultural and community uses?

Whitley Bay

When is a train station not a train station? When it’s reframed for civic uses?

Northwest Transport Hub

What happens when you involve citizens in highstreet renewal?

Soda & Champ Christmas Shop

How do you engage a whole city in climate issues?

Belfast Resilience Strategy

How do you reinvent a city during a pandemic?

Road to Reinvention

How do you provide some festive cheer at a difficult time for everyone?

Christmas Lighting

How do you create a tourism destination for a city that tells an authentic story

What's the Story

What impact will driverless technology have on our cities?

Driverless Futures
London Transport Museum

How to develop a culture-led maritime vision?

Belfast Maritime Festival

How do you reimagine the lighting infrastructure of a city?

Belfast Lighting Strategy

How might we develop unique tourism experiences from the stories of the place?

Fermanagh Futures

What happens when we build a narrative from stories that inspire?

Banana Block

How might wellbeing be embedded in new city infrastructure and projects?


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