We have a simple philosophy and established methodology that allows us to deliver a variety of outputs across a range of different projects.

How do you get people to explore a new part of the city safely during a lockdown?

The Disappearing Wall

What do you do when a motorway cuts a city in half?

Relink Belfast

How do you reframe a 19th century mill into a carbon neutral heritage & innovation district?


What happens when you reframe city regeneration around better mental health?

Our Future Foyle

How do you develop a sense of shared ownership around neighbourhood renewal?

Healthy Places

What happens when you actively involve citizens in the cultural development of their city?

A City Imagining

How could you redevelop city heritage infrastructure for cultural and community uses?

Whitley Bay

When is a train station not a train station? When it’s reframed for civic uses?

Northwest Transport Hub

What happens when you involve citizens in highstreet renewal?

Soda & Champ Christmas Shop

How do you engage a whole city in climate issues?

Belfast Resilience Strategy

How do you reinvent a city during a pandemic?

Road to Reinvention

How do you provide some festive cheer at a difficult time for everyone?

Christmas Lighting

How do you create a tourism destination for a city that tells an authentic story

What's the Story

How can we make our public spaces safer?

Safer Public Space Network

What impact will driverless technology have on our cities?

Driverless Futures
London Transport Museum

When it's complicated on the ground how do we look up?

Belfast Rooftops, Creative Europe

How to develop a culture-led maritime vision?

Belfast Maritime Festival

How do you reimagine a cities lighting infrastructure?

Belfast Lighting Strategy

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