A City Imagining

Client: Belfast City Council


USI have been supporting Belfast City Council on the development of the new 10 year cultural strategy 'A City Imagining'. In the summer of 2019, USI designed and delivered a pop-up public consultation space in an empty shop on the high street of Royal Avenue in Belfast City Centre.

This consultation space aimed to make the key priorities from the new strategy tangible to the people of Belfast through interactive and engaging activities. Structured workshops and conversations about the future of the city were held and a drop-in space was created for shoppers and pedestrians to discover the Cultural Strategy.

Fields of Practice



Citizen Engagement
Design Proposals
Policy Alignment
Strategy Development



Over the course of 5 weeks, the Hub hosted more than 45 events and welcomed over 1,100 people to help build and grow the Cultural Strategy through conversation and engagement. One quick activity, the ‘data-string wall’, involved tying a string onto a peg and following the string across statements on the wall that resonated the most with people for the future of Belfast. This sparked an initial conversation with visitors which led to further discussion about the themes and intentions of the cultural strategy.

The results of this public consultation process have laid a strong foundation for the implementation of the strategy and the ongoing co-design of cultural programmes in the city. We are continuing to help Belfast City Council involve the people of Belfast in shaping the development of the city for the years to come.

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