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Portview Trade Centre is located to the East of Belfast on the Newtownards Road, just a 10-minute drive from Belfast City Centre. Originally a spinning mill built in the early 1900s, it was ahead of its time in both its employment of women and the inclusion of both traditional creative and innovative technologies. Once a key feature of a vibrant thriving community, this geographical area is now one of the most deprived in Northern Ireland, with high rates of poverty and only 8% of people aged 16 and over continuing onto further education.

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Mental Health


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Through the adoption of a social tenancy and addition of a project-based learning education hub to the site, the ambition is to become a leading example of how heritage spaces can become carbon-neutral sites and embed social value. Our long-term ambition within the project is to develop the spaces on the site. By fully occupying the buildings on-site with projects involving specific social objectives and innovative development with education and training outputs we hope to build a culture of investment into the local community, and into Belfast as a whole through education and industry development.

The initial work and forward thinking plans has recently been recognised with a large Heritage Lottery Grant to further develop the plans and ambitions for the site.

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Portview Trade Centre
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