Relink is a climate friendly vision for transforming the Westlink and M2 bridges to help relink Belfast. The project has been developed since 2019 through an extensive community and statutory stakeholder engagement process in association with the Public Health Agency.

The aim of Relink is to improve the health and social well-being of everyone using the Westlink and M2 bridges, through rejuvenation and animation of its footbridges. The bridges are being reconceived as shared positive spaces that focus on connectivity and climate resilience with the primary focus of improving wellbeing in the area.

Fields of Practice

Mental Health


Policy Scoping
Market Analysis
Stakeholder Consultation
Public Engagement
Strategic Vision
Design Strategy
Project Management




The Relink Vision 2035

Transformation of the Westlink into a blue and green linear park and greenway for the city by decking over the road and creating a place for play, biodiversity, attracting visitors and connecting the city centre back into the neighbourhoods. A shared space developed, owned and nurtured by local communities that supports good health and wellbeing.

Pilot Projects

Four pilot projects for Clifton Street, Peter’s Hill, Divis Street and Grosvenor Road bridges to create more people-centred and healthier places that connect north and west Belfast to the city centre. Each bridge has its own unique personality and identity codesigned by local communities around themes of water, light, growth and pollution.

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