Our Team

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Ralf Alwani

Ralf’s design interests lie in architecture and placemaking that capitalises on local community assets, inspiration, and potential to create public spaces that promote people’s health and well being. 

Jak Spencer

Jak is an experienced people-centred researcher and designer. He has a PhD in design for behaviour change and has led international global design projects for the likes of Google, IKEA & Sainsbury’s amongst others

Greg Edwards

An architecture graduate, Greg’s interest lies in visual representation and concept techniques. He creates a lot of the visual imagery for the team and technically communicates design proposals so they can become a reality.

LAura Haslett

Laura is an architecture graduate passionate about participatory design. She has cultivated this whilst working on a range of interventions and events alongside several NI charities and arts organisations

Gavin Gribben

Gavin completed a masters at Queens University where he worked on a live project with the Urban Villages Executive Office Initiative in which he was shortlisted for best architecture student in Northern Ireland. He excels on community engaged interventions.

Adam Connelly

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