USI Visual is the digital illustration arm of Urban Scale Interventions. As well as creating our own, our aim is to create meaningful imagery that conveys a sense of space and atmosphere for others. We achieve this by focusing on composition, lighting and art direction whilst maintaining a close relationship with our clients to assure the vision of a project is achieved.

We hold a diverse skill set from backgrounds within art, architecture and photography. When working with our clients we know how to communicate the necessary language, whether to obtain planning permission, communicate a brand or inform a future vision. Our work has been in international media, had publications in architecture, design journals, local press and online platforms.

Get in touch with Greg at for more information.

Halliday Clark_streetview.jpg
02_01.2 Visual Stratergy_City Hall Urban Garden_C.jpg
Formation_Dundalk Road_aerial.jpg
Hallidy Clark_garden.jpg
OFF Bubbles view-Ebrington_vizrage.jpg
Coyle Bespoke Kitchen (4).jpg
Private Residential home (7).jpg
Private Residential home (6).jpg
Private Residential home (4).jpg
Interna Project_belfast (1).jpg
OFF Reeds app in use_vizrage .jpg
Interna Project_belfast (2).jpg
OFF Experience view_derry_bubbles aerial.jpg
Interna Project_belfast (3).jpg
London Office_-kitchen-LR.jpg
London Office_kitout-corner-LR.jpg