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The Belfast Entries Lighting was commissioned by Belfast city Council to look at reimagining how we can transform our historic entries through distinctive lighting interventions. The lights were designed through the double diamond process. Starting with the initial co-design workshops in our City centre culture shop to defining city lighting principles and then delivering a series of dynamic pieces changing how we view and use these spaces.

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In the summer of 2019, USI hosted a culture shop takeover on the High Street of Belfast. The shop welcomed over 1500 visitors through its doors.We worked with individuals and groups from across the city to understand what lightning in the city could be. People had all sorts of ideas from sustainable, playful, interactive and safe public lighting. This helped us develop a set of design principles unique to Belfast - developed by the people.

Following the co-design process we worked with Belfast City Council to develop a range of design principles and typologies for the city which fed into the Lighting Strategy ‘A Luminous City’. These take the insights from the culture shop and make them deliverable for lighting interventions across the city. For example recognising different lighting depending on the site or the event.

The design principles; which range from safety to connection, interactivity to distinctly Belfast ensure that all lighting designed for the city going forward has a consistent design, with room for creativity.


The final result has created a playful new experience within the city. Not only making the spaces safer but also creating a new destination.

In Castle Arcade and Winecellar entry we collaborated with internationally renowned lighting artists Squidsoup to create a dynamic lighting piece with a unique soundscape. The soundscapes are inspired by the built context and site histories. The lights respond to movement within the entries.

Importantly, sustainability was at the heart of the process, with the orbs at Winecellar being made locally through 3D printing - being one of the first zero-waste public installations.

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